Men's Soccer

Men’s soccer has been a mainstay of the Great Lakes athletic program for years, and is setting up for the 2017-18 season with some new faces and new initiative. In 2017, Henderson Field will be the center of the action as the Lakes compete in the Mid-East region of the Division II of the NCCAA!

                       2017/18 Mens Soccer Schedule

Day                 Date                    Team                            Time                  Place                    Result          Record

Tues                  Sept. 12               Rochester College         1:00pm              Rochester                  L                 0-1

Fri                     Sept. 15               Southern States CC       4:00pm              Southern States         L  8-3         0-2

Mon                  Sept. 18               Fairhaven Baptist          4:00pm               Great Lakes          L  4-0         0-3

Wed                  Sept. 20              Grace Bible College     4:00pm               Great Lakes          L  12-0       0-4

Mon                  Sept. 25              Fairhaven Baptist           4:00pm CST        Fairhaven                W  1-0       1-4

Fri                     Sept. 29                Silver Lake College       4:00pm CST       Silver Lake               L  10-0      1-5

Sat                    Sept. 30                Finlandia University     12:00pm CST       Finlandia.                L   11-0     1-6

Thurs                  Oct. 5                  Andrews University        5:00pm              Great Lakes.         L   11-1     1-7

Fri                      Oct. 6            Appalachian Bible College  4:00pm              Great Lakes          L   4-0       1-8

Sat                     Oct. 14                Southern States CC        1:00pm              Great Lakes           L  6-3       1-9

Tues                   Oct. 24               Grace Bible College        4:00pm              Grace Bible

Thurs                  Oct. 26                Andrews University         4:00pm               Andrews

Thurs                   Nov. 2                Mid-East Regionals            TBA                        TBA

Fri.                      Nov. 3                Mid-East Regionals             TBA                        TBA

Sat.                     Nov. 4                Mid-East Regionals             TBA                        TBA


            2017-18 Men's Soccer Roster